Calling all never-going-home Brits

Hey, are you a Brit who just doesn't want to go home? (Nick?) You could be a part of a documentary for TV in London. Read on…I’ve just put up what was sent to me.

Hello Jen,

I am hoping that you might be able to help me. I am researching and producing a documentary for Channel Four in London about British Travellers that have not come home.

We are looking for two types of story. One is the Brit who has left the UK and has decided through travel not to return. We are looking for all kinds of characters and reasons to reject UK lifestyle: love, religion, work, new identity, debt, ratrace, the appeal of a new culture etc.

The second story that we are looking for is that of the british traveller who has disappeared whilst travelling, and whose safety is feared for by their family and friends in the UK.




I thought that as you are a well travelled writer, you might have some ideas for people who to contact whom you have met along the way!

Any help or suggestions are very much appreciated.

Thank you,

Kelly Close
Assistant Producer
RDF Television
0207 013 4316