Do You Wear Clothes?

Sand In My Bra is up on Amazon but not yet available. Which is fine with me. We have a three to four month window to make this book a seller, and I’m still catching up on a million pieces of correspondence and pitches before the official start date.

But the funny thing about what’s up on Amazon is what comes after the book info. Instead of “customers who bought this book, also bought:” They have “Customers who wear clothes also shop for:”. And what’s the first listing? Clean underwear from Target.




Check out what Rolf Potts has to say his new book experience with Amazon in The Amazon Factor.

I won’t be spending much time there checking the rankings because I’ve been through all that at TT with other books. At a meeting with our distributor PGW they told us (years ago) that the numbers are related to books sold within a certain amount of time that day. So, if you show a low numbered ranking, it means that a few people recently bought your book. It doesn’t mean that truckloads are going out the door and that Amazon is reordering.

If they mention my book in one of their newsletters or it makes a top ten list, then I’ll be happy. Or if it becomes the number one book that pops up when you search for women’s humor, that will make me happy too. But I’ll save my time for more marketing rather than checking the ranking status every few hours post launch.