Free Content

We're moving forward with giving away free content to lifestyle/feature sections of newspapers. Well, nothing is free, is it? This is our way of trying to spread the word about Sand. My byline will blurb the book and

Today I researched low circulation newspapers sorted by DMAs so as not to overlap. (I’ll look the exact meaning of that acronym for you later) I used the PR industry standard, Bacon’s media guide. It’s available for free use at most libraries in the research section. Big huge telephone sized books of contact info for newspapers, magazines, radio, tv, etc.




I can’t wait to mail them off and see if any of these lifestyle editors bite. We’re focusing on small circulation papers with the idea that they’d be more likely to take it since they might be short on funds during these rough economic times.
I went for papers in the 20,000-30,000 circ range.