Gotta Get Used to Rejection

I haven’t been rejected too many times yet, but that’s just a reflection of not submitting enough. Last night I got rejected by the Medill School of Journalism’s Minority Writer’s Summer Magazine program.

I’m waiting for the disappointment to set in since I thought I had a 65% chance of getting it. But it’s tough to be upset when you’ve got a book coming out the same week they tell you “No.” Maybe because I’m only half Chinese, I only had half a chance to get in. I’m not serious of course. The downside is I won’t get to spend a summer in Chicago with a near guarrantee of getting a magazine article published. The upside is that I’ve got a query all ready to pitch, (I had to prepare one for the application). Susan, who opened the letter that came to the TT office said it was a super nice rejection. I’ll look at it tomorrow when I get to San Francisco, but only AFTER I pick up and oggle the fresh copy of Sand.