Kinkos Can Do It All

Living in the technical stone age without WiFi, an IPod, a Palm — let alone a printer or a fax — can be frustrating. Who knows how much time I’ve spent this past year passing docs from one web email to the next so I can kdf it over at BnA HQ, only to bug them for a disk and THEN take it over to Kinkos to print.

No more. I can now stand upright with the generous aide of Kinkonet. Kinkos enables its customers to order their projects online, send them their documents, and pick it up at the customer’s convenience(or have it delivered). A few keystrokes and you’re in business. I even saved $10 in prep fees by saving my docs to file. (Read their guidelines or call them, the friendly Kinkos staff is willing to walk you through the procedure over the phone too)




Note that on Earth Day Kinkos is slashing their prices. 99cent color copies will be 49cents, and regular copies will only be 3cents if on recycled paper.

I’m almost done with my portfolio and can’t wait to punch it in and see how fast they can turn it around. Today my print job was ready in half an hour.