Laptop or Bust

Friday I was looking at used laptops on eBay and but the only ones I can almost afford I’ve been advised against getting. Too old. So, I thought I’d go for sponsorship instead and called Sony. The last ten minutes at work on a Friday wasn’t enough time to talk to a live person. So I didn’t even get to ask for the contact info for their Marketing dept. Which brings up a whole other issue — I’ve always bought Macs.
Yesterday, I tried to track down an AC Adapter for my Jornada but it’s so old I couldn’t find anyone who carried it. But dammit, I need a laptop to blog this tour and I will get one. The Intel Centrino commercials on tv have me drooling, and I want to be able to use those Starbucks T-Mobile Hotspots. While I’m researching a good fit for this and who to contact for sponsorship, I’m going to be learning about going WiFi from O’ in“Setting Up an 802.11b Home Wireless Network.”