Personal Portfolio

Thanks for suggesting the good topic Nancy. I suppose when I hear the word portfolio I think of an artist or photographer's portfolio. Or even the financial kind. So, I might be using the word loosely.

The personal portfolio that I am creating will be something like a personal press kit, only I'm doing it a little bit fancier than just a resume, bio sheet, and head shot in any old folder from the drugstore.

Here's my Portfolio (so far):
1)Cover sheet in color — create a visual presence and impression at the same time giving a clue to what’s to come inside
2)General resume
3)Overview of Projects — identify what I can do, back it up with what I’ve done and results acheived
4)Outline of publication credentials
5)bio & headshot? Haven’t thought that far, it would depend on who it’s going to. Yes if I’m trying to get on a tv segment, not necessary if I’m applying for a job.
(There will be other things to insert as necessary such as letter of rec, personalized cover letters, etc)

Separate but to go with the portfolio (what I worked on this weekend) is my
Collection of Writing Samples:

This will be in a stand alone coil bound booklet. (priced at around $20 each)
1) book excerpts (only my best)
2) online content
3) publicity (press relesases, pitches, book marketing plans)
4) e-newsletters
5) WR blog posts (sample of variety)
(I’m doing five because I can buy five tabs for $1.50, and it seems like just enough to give a sampling and overview of my experience and abilities)
This will be on laser paper with color copies interspersed and include separator pages that have covers of all the books I’ve been in. It will also have a color designed front cover and color book covers on the front of each new story.
Coil bound, black back, clear cover. For those three things it costs $4.50. The color sheets are 99cents each, and to print on laser paper is 11cents as opposed to the 8cent others.




What will I use it for?
Bringing it to important interviews. Pitching opportunities that are far away. Actually I first thought of this when I didn’t win that Australian Bakpak contest. I admit my entry was poor, but I wanted to work with them in Oz. So I thought that I should put together a package of what I’ve done/what I can do for a travel publishing company. Because they were so far away, I wanted to send it and give a huge pitch from a distance.

I suppose I could still do that, but I think the uses for this will be plenty. Since they cost a lot, I’ll just do a few. Also, I’m sure that I’ll be mixing and matching with time.

Check out Southworth Structures paper. It is stylish yet professional. They’ve got all sorts of ideas (that I’ll be using, already bought the paper) for how you can improve your image. On paper anyway.

Good luck with all your projects, and please share ideas. I’ve always got room for improvement.