Star of the Sea

I was thumbing through the Borders May catalog and was delighted to find a book by Joseph O’Connor. I read Sweet Liberty: Travels In Irish America back in the mid 90s, and laughed so hard. It’s been years since I’ve thought about O’Connor. The prospect that he might have another book out, excited me. Some digging on Amazon led me to a whole sleugh of his books.

Star of the Sea, tells the story of a boatload of Irish emigrants that travel to New York to escape the Great Famine.

Author bio on
Joseph O’Connor is the author of several widely acclaimed and best-selling novels, including COWBOYS AND INDIANS, INISHOWEN, and THE SALESMAN. Among his other works are an acclaimed collection of short stories, TRUE BELIEVERS, a travel book, SWEET LIBERTY: TRAVELS IN IRISH AMERICA, and several collections of journalism. He has also written criticism, plays, and screenplays, and edited YEATS IS DEAD: A SERIAL NOVEL BY FIFTEEN IRISH WRITERS FOR AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, which included contributions by Frank McCourt and Roddy Doyle. Joseph O’Connor lives in Dublin.