TT is for Total Teamwork

Yesterday I got an email from a leading women's tour company and put together a sales pitch letter that I've had on the way back burner. You know, the back burner at your neighbor's house. But this time I didn't hesitate and cranked it out in about ten minutes before I had a chance to think twice about what would be the perfect pitch. That would've sent me into a Perfectionist's Paralysis and an opportunity would’ve slipped by.

But no, I cranked out a draft, and then Susan Brady edited and coordinated changes from James and Larry. Krista is working hard on organizing our press mailing, the tour, and incoming review requests. I felt lucky (and not 500 miles away) to play on the same team. We all pushed multiple marketing efforts for Sand In My Bra and our other women’s titles in one big effort.




I miss being in the Travelers’ Tales office, but it’s great virtually working with them them too. Thanks everybody for making room in your schedule to spend time on it.