Weekend Warrior

Top 10 things Leo did this weekend:

1. Sand free content mailing out the door.
2. Copies of Sand mailed out to friends and family
3. Women's Travel Club pitched
4. Resume updated and put up at JournalismJobs.com
5. WrittenRoad.com content gathered
6. TT/Sand radio pitch started
7. Book proposal outlined and started
8. WorldTravelWatch.com designed first draft
9. Personal Portfolio designed and 3/4 done
10. Taxes started and 3/4 done

These were equally important:
Spoke to contributor Lori Mayfield and signed her up for Distant Lands event, cleaned apartment, ate bad pizza, watched bad romance movie, ate veggies.”




Still left to do is entering WWW and myself for the SATW awards. I’ll get to that later tonight.

I need to take it easy the next couple nights to make up for this overload. Balance is key. So is sanity. First, I’m off to my writers group.