Writing for Lucasfilm Ltd.

I try my best to follow work that connects me to something I'm passionate about, and I've been able to uphold that with few exceptions. Looking for jobs now, I started to drool at this one. I'm sharing it because this is a dream job for someone. Many, really. Lucasfilm is worship worthy. I applied for a THX position years ago when I was a disgruntled TT permissions hack with a 2 hour commute. Needless to say it wasn't my path. It still isn't.

What about you? Do you want to write for Lucas Online web sites? Do you have a love for Star Wars and Indiana Jones films?




Details here on Craigslist.org for their Project Content Developer

I wish I could see a documentary of six of the applicants for this position. From turning in their resume, till a month after they're hired. I'd have some kind of hidden cam into their lives so I could see the joy from the time that they get selected for interview, to when they got chosen for the job, to how it ripples into the rest of their lives and the people around them. Tremendous possibilites. They're out there everywhere. Maybe this will be my $25,000 idea.