10 Pages?

I'm working on my book proposal in an effort to have it done before BEA and I'll admit I’m stuck on the Overview. Title page, fairly easy. Marketing and promotion, piece of cake. Chapter by chapter outline, I can handle that. But a ten page overview of why I should be the one to write this book and why it should be published? Ten whole pages?

I suppose that if I’m expecting an agent or publisher to trust that I’m capable of writing 200+ pages for the whole thing, a ten page overview would be a snap. Au contraire mon frere. This is supposed to be my best writing. Selling myself like I never have before. Better writing than the actual book.




I’m stuck. I need samples to study. I need another glass of wine and an episode of Sopranos. Then I’ll be able to break some balls. And believe me, I’m going to do this myself. These guys are asking $2000 to do it for you.