Getting Ready for the First Event

Some people need to practice what they're going to say, but I'm more concerned with what kind of first impression I'm going to give. Most specifically, the visual kind. And with a humor book, I want to look extra fun. So, here's a glimpse at my preparations.

Monday: I got my hair cut. Layers. Instead of straight and boring, I’m adding some flip for project Look Fun.

Tuesday: Bought a see through turqoise shirt. Wearing some color as opposed to my usual blacks, browns, silver and white might bring out the Leo flare a little faster. Also bought round brush to use on new doo.




Wednesday: Realized I've been picking my nose too much. Increased activity in hopes of getting it out of my system.

Thursday: Got my nails done. Malaysian Mist — a light natural color. Objective: hire professional to remove bike grease stains and xerox smudges.

Friday: Got new brush stuck in hair for ten minutes. Long distance phone call to TT Susan helped when yanking and panic call to boyfriend didn’t.

The first event for Sand In My Bra and Other Misadventures begins tonight at Mother Kali’s in Eugene, OR. 7pm. Check out our other west coast events and come on by so I can stamp you.