Getting Set Up at BEA

Krista, Susan, and Alex had a fairly simple time setting up the booth today. Comparatively to the past few years anyway. They say it looks good, if anyone will get to see it. Yep, we got stuck in a far corner of the West Hall and apparently it's terrible for traffic. Two spots down from the end of an aisle in the way back. Sometimes this happens. We will just have to create our own stir and spunk like we always do. Maybe the bras that I bought and intend to plant in the ladies rooms will help send traffic to our booth.

I on the other hand tried to work around a fever today before picking up Christine Michaud at the Metro, dropping her luggage and zipping across town to the Publishers Group West cocktail party at Le Meridien.




Tomorrow I will have to loosen the nozzle on the reserve energy tanks. I’m expecting a 19 hour day. I didn’t finish the book proposal (still a few hours left) but I am prepared for the tour and will be handing out a satisfactory overview.