Grass Roots PR

How do you get people to find out about your event? Besides industry event listings, local paper calendar sections, alumni magazines, online community boards and list groups, there is a little something called grass roots PR.

That can be anything from handing out flyers to reading your book (or pretending to be reading your book) in public. On busses, in cafes and restaurants, etc.




With the first event coming up this Friday, I did some flyering this weekend around town. University boards, laundromats, coffee houses, and birthing parties. Yes, that's right. Doing this with a friend makes the task much more fun. And who you choose for this job, is no simple decision. If your boyfriend, mother-in-law, younger brother, or spouse won’t walk into a room full of pregnant couples and invite them to your book event they’re really not up for the part.

Thanks Chris.