Just for Laughs!

Montreal turns into total madness during their Just for Laughs comedy festival, known to be one of the the biggest in the world. Last year over 1.4 million attended the outdoor part of the festival. 600 international print and electronic journalists come to Montreal to cover anything and everything about the Festival.

And of course the main attraction is the more than 2400 artists that will be performing. For those who can’t attend, there is more than 176 hours of programming that is taped and produced for broadcast to millions of viewers around the world.

I suppose I’ve been living in a cave because I only heard about this yesterday. Now I’m trying to do whatever I can to get Sand and the other TT humor books over there for a presence. Since our budget is tight I’ll probably have to trade the Denver and Chicago events. But all is still in R&D stages.




At the moment my interest to read from Sand in My Bra on their literary nights has been put in the hopper. Someone will be calling me back to let me know if there is still space available. Next step is to see how much a booth costs and sell our books straight out. Last resort….STEALH sales, Baby!

Having only 90 books in our Reno warehouse could present a problem, but not just yet. There are 1000 books in our Canadian warehouse waiting to be turned over for a big promotion with Chapters, the Canadian chain.