Press kits are done

Pink and black is a running color theme with Sand in My Bra marketing materials.

I finished the press kits, and they are nice and shiny just the way I like them. We kept them light with a press release, PW review sheet, Editor bio, and two sample chapters. We also did a non-folder/stapled version with just the pr, bio sheet, and review.

Susan is working on putting the book cover on four pink t-shirts for TT staff to wear on Saturday.




What’s left? Depends how I feel tomorrow. I’d like to do something creative such as doing tags on pink cardstock with black ribbon, or buttons, but I’m not feeling well. Allergies. Head cold. I can’t figure it out.

At the very least I’ll get a few black lace bras for the women’s rooms so that we can direct people to our booth and signing event.