What Bra?

So there I am in the TT bathroom transforming from jeans girl to Event Girl, and Susan asks, “Did you bring your bra?” In horror I look down and see that in fact, I am not wearing one. I had forgot that I would need one at night even though what I was wearing out the door that morning was a stappy black summer tanky thing that didn't require one.

Bus leaving in ten minutes, still need to do hair and smear on a little lip paint.

“Well,” I say, as if there really is anything else I can say, “I’ll just have to go without.”

Susan proceeded to wrap me up in plum colored silk wrap around shirt. Which, if I had been satisfactorily padded, would’ve shown off a nice big v-neck of cleavage. Even without the bra, it quite possibly was the best I’ve ever looked for an event &#151 if you could try not to think about a hip Chinese waitress bringing you cashew chicken for ten minutes. Half an hour. Two hours.

On the bus I realized that in a sitting position the shirt kind of opens up a bit. Five minutes later realization #2 hit me, the shirt was somehow loosening all over.




In my typical Leo flurry that resembles the Tasmanian Devil, I scurried off the bus tugged at my shirt, tried my best to walk tall and stiff and shirt filling, and jetted up the five blocks to the hotel. My barely B cup was busting loose. If only I had time to stop and shop for BEA shoes at Rockport.

Once inside the 5 star hotel I found my way to the show and was greeted by Gerri Groody co-producer of the Food and Travel Radio show. I got all my fidgeting and shirt tucking while conversing with her, and kept the rest of it to a minimum.

The pleasure of this interview was that Mike Cleary was a long time Travelers’ Tales fan and really knew the books. He and Mary Ann surprised me by wanting to talk a lot about the editing process and even some of our other books. They were also pleased to hear that I was one of the Wild Writing Women and had fond recollections of past interviews with them.

After the interview, Mike, Mary Ann, Bill and Gerri Groody and sat around with us including other guest Jay D’ Amato of Travel Trends, and Molly Cahill, Marketing consultant for the Pan Pacific Hotel San Francisco. I love networking and Molly and I will be doing a fun brainstorm for more Sand/Pan promo next week. Can anyone say Lingerie Tea? All in all it was great and we’ll find out today when the show airs.