What’s On Your List?

Last night some friends and I were having a discussion about what we wanted from our spouses. Typical, I'm-30-now talk that included how many kids we wanted, etc. One married friend advised another single friend that he ought to make a list about what he wanted in a lifelong partner.

I think it's obvious but always a good reminder to ask ourselves what we want across the board. What do we want out of our careers? Our partners? And in the case of this blog, our writing. What kind of ticking clock do we have with our bylines and not just with babies?




Angela Booth has a daily newsletter called Your Every Day Write. Each day you get writing inspiration delivered straight to your inbox, and one of her past topics was about goals. She asked us what our writing goals were this year.

There is always room for growth and to make things better whether in your personal life, or in your jobs or hobbies. If you have a quarterly review on how well business is going, how to improve, and how to get closer to your goals can’t you set the same standards for your relationships as well as whatever else if important to you? Checking in is good. Making lists are fun, productive and inspire dreaming, goal setting, as well as achievement.