Dandelion — A magazine you’ve been wishing for

What does fullfillment mean to you?

That seems to be the central theme behind the premiere issue of Dandelion. For publisher Michelle Theall and her readers, the answer can be found outdoors.

I got excited when I saw the header of this new women's outdoor adventure, travel, sports and lifestyle magazine poking its head out about the other zines in the travel section. But what really got me going was the spirit behind the content inside. This ain’t no mega extreme, you’re nobody if you haven’t run six marathons, heli-skied off K2, and can fit perfectly into a size four Nike trail outfit, kinda magazine. No, this is a magazine by and for women who stretch their limits and shout that they want more out of life.

Here’s a bit from the publisher’s message:

“The passion for the outdoors is what connects Dandelion readers. Dandelion is not about athletic bragging rights or getting skinny. It’s about living life to the fullest through outdoor endeavors and travel. We run, hike, bike, backpack, surf, and climb because it makes us feel good, and becuase the lessons learned through sport and adventure carry through to other areas of our lives.”




So, now that you know you want to submit to them, where do you start?

Visit In This Issue on their web site to get a complete description of the cool departments they have. I liked, the “dandelions roar” which had short profiles on amazing women, ways to give back, and news in the sports industry. I also liked their “Visual Vacation,” a travel photo essay that follows a traveler, (this issue was a trek through Tibet). And don’t miss their original, “Unsung,” which profiles uncommon outdoorswoman.

Dandelion also covers health and gear as it pertains to a woman’s needs outdoors. Their travel feature was about a woman fleeing to the Australian Outback for a cattle drive when a heartache at home in California got to be too painful.

I’m interested to see how the content develops. I’d like more information on stuff that I’ve never heard about like their coverage of how to shoot your own movie and sports films with leading ladies. They’re even offering a contest for those who can get their movies in by July 1. Their feature on women smokejumpers was definitely cool, and I’d love to read more restaurant reviews and recipes from afar like their ” A Bistro with Alititude.”

Let’s all submit our work to: