Learning By Example

Sometimes it takes the right messenger for the words to sink in. Right now I'm listening to Rolf Potts.

His recent posts on Vagablogging.net are more than inspiring. Rolf is a living example of how to be a successful travel writer.

People, he’s handing out free advice. All you have to do is have an open ear.

Getting Started With Travel Writing




What I Just Read…

So, where’s my open ear? I don’t know. I’ve been under considerable scrutiny for not writing more. Or at all. For leaving my ideas as just ideas. For namebuilding when I should be writing. For helping others when I should be helping myself.

Though my posse means well, I end up hearing that I’m not good enough, before I register that their nudging is out of love.

Earlier this year someone suggested that maybe I wasn’t meant to be a writer. This was in the context of my abilities and inclination to marketing being greater than my desire and ability to write. At first I was offended, but maybe there is some truth in it…

Do I have the ability to practice what I preach to other writers? Do I have the discipline to read 20 let alone 5 books while preparing to write my book? Do I really care about writing that much? I know that I care about people far more than the written word. Whether it is coming from my pen or someone else’s. I know that I would much rather spend an hour laughing and talking with a friend than I would writing in a journal.

These questions won’t get resolved over night. Following my own advice, and that of Rolf’s won’t happen over night. The only thing I do know is that the ideas will keep coming. Incessantly like they always have. I have more than I can handle, and I will continue to share them. Bear with me.