Put Up or Shut Up: Take 12

OK so I frickin wrote yesterday. I can't tell you what I was more motivated by, not wanting an opportunity to pass me up or needing to do it to get what I want.

I worked on a story, “Boxcar Leo,” about the time I tried to go freight train hopping. It's a short 1200 word humor piece, but one that I've tried to write several times without success. The deadline for the next TT humor book, Hyenas Laughed and Me and Now I Know Why, has already passed. But I’ve got connections and didn’t want this book to pass without me even trying.

The other reason is that I really want to do a travel humor column for a magazine. I’d take doing it for a national newspaper, but I really want a magazine. So, as I research magazines that I’m going to pitch, I also need to be readying column samples.




Some people are motivated because they want to succeed.
Some people are motivated because they don’t want to fail.

I think I am a bit of both, but what it really comes down to is that I like getting what I want. Spoiled, yet not overly bratty, I’m happy when I get my way. I know full well that it is possible to get what you want. I want this column, so low and behold look what happened… I found some extra initiative to take the next step.

What motivates you? I’m curious. Here’s what teenage writers are saying