Sand at Distant Lands

Wow, what a great event! Louann from Distant Lands had stopped by the Travelers' Tales booth at BEA a few times to let us know how much they were looking forward to the event, and it showed. When I arrived they had a big frame around our Sand poster in the front window display. Then I remembered that they are part of our month long promotion with the Independent Travel Stores Assoc. Guests had called in to reserve seats and all in all there were more than sixty people at the event. We sold out of all 20 of their copies on hand. I had brought extra, and was able to sell them a few more so they wouldn’t be without tomorrow.

Contributors Lori Mayfield and Suzanne Schlosberg were there and I have to say, having a group of readers is much more effective than just one author. Lori and Suzanne were terrific readers and had the crowd howling. I can’t wait to read Suzanne’s next book, The Curse of the Singles Table: 1001 Nights Without Sex, due out next spring from Warner books.

I read from a story I hadn’t before, Christie Eckardt’s Panties or Prison and that got some chuckles out of them too. In fact, they weren’t ready to be done after we had done our bit so I read a few more sidebars. Question and Answer was light, but the book signing was long. One woman bought five copies. That’s the most I’ve seen anyone buy at one time yet!




As I was walking out the door to go have dinner with my family and friends, Louann asked us what we were bringing her next. I told her I didn’t know but that I’d be down in Southern California now and could do another one for Sand. She jumped all over that and asked that we call her to book for September. If it’s in the budget, I’m sure we will.