Sand at North Beach Festival

Travelers’ Tales lovers Krista, Tara, Kathy, and Tanya are helping Larry Habegger with our annual appearance at the North Beach Festival in San Francisco.

It is fun and rewarding to connect with our regular fans as well as introduce the series to those who’ve never heard of us. I takes place in Northbeach on the streets surrounding Washington Square. Rock, blues and jazz bands play at various stages; garlic chicken sandwiches, Sicilian pizza, jambalaya, fresh pretzels, and turkey legs have long lines in front of their stalls. Often the sun is out and the beautiful people abound. They even have a large pet blessing each year. And hey, if you love Travelers’ Tales books this is the best place to add to your collection. For two days we give out amazing discounts on new and older titles.




Knowing that it’s going on today, I’m eager to hear the report on how Sand is selling. I’m putting it up here in case any WR readers showed up and can comment tonight.

Hope you’re having fun TT! Indulge in calamari and some Anchor Steam for me!