Selling Sand Door to Door

I finally showered today. First time since Saturday. This cold has me whooped so bad. I got tired of doing nothing but exhausting myself over email, so I cleaned up. In uniform (pink SIMB t-shirt and black pants), and smacked up with lipstick, they can’t tell I’m sick.

My dad took the day off to help and it sure has been nice.

We went down to Ocean Beach in San Diego where I was born, to start us off. It’s a beach community with a hostel and lots of food shops on Newport, the main drag.

I walked into tanning salons, gift shops, and women’s clothing stores with my post card, ordering info, special discounts, and Publishers Weekly review.




First was a pass off of info, second was a strong possibility, and on the third store I went into the manager asked me how many books I had on me and bought 6 of the 9 I had. Instant sales! My dad had said not to bother because the store was known for selling drug paraphanalia, but I said “Look at the sign, it says they sell books.”

I’m going to be going door to door to as many beachside gift shops I can over the next three days. (San Diego to Los Angeles) It’s not so much to make money as it is to spread the word.Grassroots marketing. I think it’ll be a perfect summer read whether at the beach or by the pool.

On the way home to package more handouts my dad said,
“How about that hotel? It’d be perfect for their gift shop, it’s right by the beach!”

That’s the spirit I like to hear. Here we go!