Intern for the Weekend!

When Erik Trinidad told me that he wanted to come up to Montreal to help me promote Sand in My Bra at the Just for Laughs Festival, I wasn't sure what to expect. Especially since he repeatedly told me that he'd wear a bra and do near anything required. The zanier, the better.

I wasn’t sure if this meant for two hours, one day, or if we'd be glued to each other all weekend.

AND NOW I GET IT. Erik is looking at this weekend as an internship. Hours with Jen Leo to download her brain on travel writing, travel publishing, etc. Smart guy. And even smarter that he fed my princess side. Here’s Erik’s definition of intern, and I LOVE IT!

“Not to worry, I’ll be on my “intern behavior” this weekend, which is this weird blend of being serious to get the job done, kissing your ass and getting you coffee, and partying at night ’til the wee hours. Intern Behavior is pretty much my regular behavior anyway.”




And then, in reference to my pre-trip article on BootsnAll, “Going to Montreal, Just for Laughs,” he signed on for more activities that should become de rigueur for a Leo-tern.

*will eat meat
*casino ready
*willing biker

So now to put him to work. We’ll see how the outdoor festival looks. Maybe it will be good for him to wear a bra. Maybe he’ll pass out flyers. Maybe I’ll be doing corner readings. We won’t know till we get there. Stay tuned.

And big thanks Erik!