Lunch Break: A Publishing Life in Portland

Where are the “I love Google” bumper stickers?

Krista and I are kicking ass over here in the TT office. Booking events for Sand right and left. I can vaguely remember a day in recent weeks when I’ve been as happy as I was this morning. I’m usually happy, but this was singing at the top of my lungs happy (You’re Still the One and Neil Diamond’s Cracklin Rose). Everything seems to be coming together. Beyond events. Beyond Sand.

And even as there are near perfect Bay Area jobs beckoning to be replied to, still I holdfast to the bigger dream. Location.




If it’s not Australia, then it’s got to be Portland. This is for our lunchbreak Krista. Thanks for everything these past few days. For your post Oregon positivity, and mostly for the croissant.

Portland Metropolitan Association of Writers, Editors, & Publishers