Wild Writing Women Salon: July 2003

I'm back in town and will be at the Wild Writing Women salon tomorrow night at the Monticello Inn. Several of the wild ones will be there including Jacqueline Harmon Butler, Carla King, Lynn Ferrin, Lisa Alpine, Pamela Michael, and Danielle Mochotka. We will be hosting the event and reading snidbits from our current work. Jacqueline and I will be reading from Sand in My Bra and it will also be for sale 1/$15 or 2/$20.

I won't be doing a lot of socializing this month so drop by and say hello if you have time. It’d be great to see you/meet you, and I’ll do my best this time to get there early enough to enjoy some of the appetizers. They sure go fast!




Wednesday July 2, 5:30pm
Monticello Inn
127 Ellis Street, (and Powell)
(866) 778-6169 toll free
Admission: free