Writers, Don’t Embarrass Yourselves

So, I'm sitting here at Travelers'Tales jamming away on setting up more events, and Krista called out to me about a submission that we just got in the mail. Not only were they pitching a novel, but nearly every sentence ended in an exclamation! I counted them, 33 in all. The only sentences that ended with a common period were from a quote, and in his bio. The icing is that the “query” was printed ALL in bold.

We felt sorry for him. And I almost picked up the phone to call him. How could he not know that is bad form? I guess he wouldn’t. Instead of calling him, I thought it better to write to you all on Written Road.




People, do your homework. Get a book on sending in queries, proposals, or manuscripts. And none of you should be sending anything to a publication without first reading and abiding by their submission guidelines. I’ll start looking at books and see if I can recommend a few.