August SIMB Update

It's getting exciting over here in Sandville. Susan told me yesterday that Sand in My Bra will be translated in Thai and Dutch. The shipment from our third print run is back so we're stacked up on postcards and books for more media requests. Florida locals reported there was a review in the Orlando Sun Sentinel, but we can’t find it online yet.

AND, we’re underway with setting up events on the fall cross country tour. The new plan is to take the pink bra wonder to the National Book Festival in Washington D.C. Though it was too late for me to participate in their signing, the festival coordinator told me how and where I could park the sandmobile close to the festival for maximum exposure.

Event additions as of yesterday are In Other Words (Portland, OR) September 10 with Loren Drummond who’s epilogue I love and have been reading at the other events, and Elliott Bay Books (Seattle, WA) on Saturday September 6.




I’d love to get the car painted pink before the end of the Book Passage Travel Writers Conference so I can show it off, but that would be a stretch. Let me know if you have anybody who could paint a car pink in the next two days. Meanwhile I’ll be calling on stores in San Rafael.

I’m cranking on maps, phone calls, and tour setting right now, but it caught me off guard yesterday when Larry and James told me that this is not only about the PR, but also something to have fun with. Fun? How come I hadn’t thought about that. Or had I taken it for granted? I was so excited about doing my PR thang (and actually I find it fun to be on the horn calling stores and media), that I hadn’t yet seen the road trip part of it as The Fun. In my vision it was town after town of rushing across country from event to event. James talked about this as a means of collecting a story. Simple, yet still mind expanding. For now I’ll keep my head down with booking events and media opportunities and leave the story gathering play for when I get on the road.

Hopefully I’ll have more of the tour mapped out by the end of the week and early next week so we can start spreading the word and blitzing the towns with our stunts.