“Collection of ridiculous and sublime travel experiences”

That's what it says next to our title in this week's San Francisco Chronicle Bay Area Bestseller List

We made #10 of ten on the Paperbacks list today. It is fitting because this is the first time in ten years that Travelers’ Tales has been on the list.

The inside story is that we’ve known for a few days. Our distributor PGW let us know because their sales reps are told in advance so that the local stores can stock in preparation of the announcment. That could be the reason for the surge of orders this week. I had looked at the list in the paper on a few previous Sunday mornings, so now I know the procedure.




A big and heartfelt thanks to Bay Area bookstores that have had Sand in my Bra on a front table, or spent time handselling our book. Especially to the stores that I have a personal connection with, Easy Going Travel Shop and Bookstore, Get Lost Books and Maps, and of course, Book Passage.

I don’t know if any of these stores are on the list that gets their sales polled, but a thank you anyway, and to all other booksellers that have helped. I can speak for all of Travelers’ Tales and say that we are thrilled and grateful.

And now to stay on the list!!!
If you don’t already have a copy, and live in the Bay Area, now is the time to get it. Same thing if you’ve been planning on getting it as a gift for someone else. If you do, let me know and I’ll make time to sign it for you before I leave town again. If there are enough of you, I’ll organize a soiree.

(And yes, we know that they got our title wrong, but hey, Sand in My Bra and Other Funny Misadventures sounds good, too.)

Yikes, I just reread that Acknowledgments page and see that I owe quite a few RTW tickets to Travelers’ Tales. I think they will understand if I don’t pay up until we make the NY Times Bestseller List, or I get my fifth profitable royalty statement, which won’t be for YEARS. Right now we’re putting our money into two places, spreading the word to keep the momentum, and more print runs!