I Need Some Help

Just in case any of you have a spare half hour or hour…I could use a little bit of help.

Here are some mini projects that don’t take that much time. They’re last on my list because I need to focus all my time on trying to get more events and media. And of course, I’ll send a couple of signed books to you (or a friend if you already have one) in thanks for your efforts.

1) Hostel or sleeping accommodations in the following cities: Flagstaff,AZ; Santa FE, NM; Tulsa, OK; Little Rock, AR; Memphis, TN; Nashville, TN; Bristol, TN; Pittsburgh, PA; Anywhere near Frankfurt, KY; Are any of you WR fans in or near these towns? Do you have family members or friends there?

2) Locations of 24hr Fitness gyms in each city on the tour




3) Fax helper. If you can come into TT this week or next Monday/Tuesday for a few hours and hang out at the fax machine, that’d be great. Here’s the catch. You have to be okay with minimal conversation. I’m extremely busy on the phone and emailing pitches, and can’t be all chatty, as tempting as it would be.

4) If you know anyone on who lives on my tour list that would like to meet up with me, just hollar. I’ve got room to squeeze some appointments in.

5) Tell me who’s got the best/easiest language tapes and where I can get them in a hurry. I want to learn French while I’m on the road.

6) Listing my events on Craigslist.org in the cities that I have them. And even in the towns that I’m just passing through. If you’re interested in this, let me know and I’ll work out what you can cut and paste.

BIG THANKS IN ADVANCE. If you can help, respond on the comments board so there aren’t duplicate efforts. And please email me, too.