Sand at IN-N-OUT

I'm not even going to try and tell you that I stopped at IN-N-OUT on the drive home to pass out Sand postcards. But I did stop. And I did pass out postcards.

I stopped for an ice tea, and mostly out of habit. After living in Oregon, I can barely drive by an IN-N-OUT without following the lead of the big yellow arrow.




Truthfully, I wasn’t even hungry. But I had to have a cheeseburger anyway. Didn’t even mess with the notion of ordering it “protein style” to make myself think I was being healthy. No way, that’s not me. Instead I ordered a shake and a cheeseburger and ate 3/4 of the burger and only a few scoops of the shake before tossing it. While I was waiting, I noticed that I had a bunch of postcards sticking out of my purse, so I put them up in the ladies room. I should’ve gone back to the car for more, they’ve got some serious traffic going through there!