The Bramobile Needs It’s First Wash

I'm taking the Bramobile to a signmaker today to get an estimate on the stickers. But first we're going to get it’'s first wash. I'm going to a gas station in Marin, where I hope they have diesel so I can multitask. But back to the washing. You know it was spray painted, right? I think I'll be squeezing my eyes shut tight as we go through it and hope that the paint doesn’t come off on any of their automatick sponges. It’s dark in there. By the time they would find out, I should be long gone.

Last night when I went to bed I thought about the signage. Rather, I thought about all the people who will be looking at the signage. With words and URLs on all sides of the car, fery few people that pass me won’t be looking and reading.




On one hand, this is a good thing. It’s a GREAT thing. I should get a counter so I can click it every time it happens. But on the other hand, it could get old. What if I’ve been driving for five hours and I’m hungry. Will I still be able to muster a smile or a wave back? I’ve ridden in the BootBus plenty of times and you kinda forget the stickers are out there. Then you see all these people looking at you, and I’ve had the “What are YOU looking at?!” attitude a few times until I remembered that the signage was there.

Ok, off to paint a car wash pink!