The Buzz is Building

Flattery will get you everywhere. I was Googling (has that made the dictionary yet? v. the act of searching for information on the website Sand in My Bra today. Once I got past all the Written Road, BootsnAll related, and Amazon links…. there were all sorts of reviews that I didn’t know about. One of which was a newsletter from Square Books in Mississippi, a little bit south of Memphis, TN. They featured us in a section called “Road Trippin’.” Never having been out that way, this put them on my radar and I called them to see if they wanted me to stop by on my way to D.C. I got a positive repsonse and feedback that a stack of books went fast for them. Final details to be nailed down in the coming days.

It was also a pleasure to see that Women In Print, a Canadian bookstore in Vancouver, reviewed us as one of their “Current and Choice” picks. They said: “This smart and funny collection will make you laugh out loud. You might also find yourself taking mental notes about things to avoid on your own travels such as — home made remedies for sea sickness are never a good idea and making up an Italian sounding word for toilet can only lead to trouble.”

More Canadian book lovers listed Sand in their travel listings. Big thanks to St. Alberts Public Library for putting us in their Top Ten Book Lists. Check out GUTSY WOMEN:Travel on the Edge. Thanks also to the UVIC Bookstore for putting us on their “Get Away” list.

On the blogging front, known and unknown bloggers had mentioned us.

If you look in the comments section of the July 9 post of Too Fabulous For Words: The Daily Freakouts of A Writerly Girl. Kimberly Schmahl’s writing is fresh, open, and lively. Apparently a friend of hers gave her SIMB and kept asking her if she’d read it. Finally she had and said, “The book was fab! I couldn’t stop laughing, especially Ellen’s essay. OMG! Too funny.”




Scattered Thoughts was also into Sand. Read her June 19 post.

Special thanks to Kevin Smokeler of the blog “Where There’s Smoke,” who recounted our meeting at the Marsh, (July 22 post). Aren’t his virtual tours cool? For the record, I want one. And I’m willing to be a participating site. Word gets around. I had heard of Kevin from Tara Weaver, and then a few weeks later from Rolf Potts.

Booksense thought Sand in My Bra was “A collection of delightful essays from women on the road, meant to inspire those of us who only sit and dream to get up and go.” and noted it as an “On the Rise” book for their July 17 Bestseller list. Number 40 and rising, ain’t too shabby for trade paperback nonfiction across the country.

And here’s what a book lover on had to say about Sand, “From departure to return, these women aren’t afraid to share the sometimes absurd, frequently amusing, always interesting adventures that occur when one leaves home.”

Thanks everybody! Booking this tour, I can’t wait to see what people say once they see the pink car…