Travel Writer’s Calendar

My inbox is usually swamped with newsletters. Half of which I keep until I read, and the other half of which gets filtered through my Bulk mail where I don't miss it if I don't see it. The ones that make it through sit there looking at me until I read them. But usually I see their comings as servings of guilt. Things I should be making the time for, when the truth is I don’t have time.

Yes, yes, we all have time. But lately it feels like I barely have time to eat. And I’m trying so hard to keep that enjoyment up. All this week and the coming weeks I’m on auto pilot. It’s the only way to keep the sanity.

We’re straying from the point, which is that reading newsletters have become non pleasurable for me. So when Larry Habegger sent me an email suggesting that I subscribe to the Travel Writer’s Calendar, I don’t think I even clicked the link. This was months ago.




What a mistake that was!

Laurie King, the author of the Travel Writer’s Calendar, is doing a fantasitc job of reporting about what’s on in the Bay Area travel writing scene. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link to an archived section of them, but you can see her “Links for Bay Area Travel Writers” online. Even though it’s Bay Area focused, there are still plenty of market leads and websites for travel writers everywhere. Don’t miss Places that Publish Travel Writing. Many you’ve already seen right here on Written Road, but there are lots of new ones, too.

So get to it. Subscribe to Laurie’s Calendar by sending her an email. It’s a newsletter worth taking the time to read. And when you write her, congratulate her for getting an honorable mention at the Book Passage Travel Writers Conference for her Melbourne story.