Go! — A New Travel Zine

Hey travel writers, what do you think of start ups?

Brett Novick is starting a new travel zine called, Go! He’s looking for travel writers for his premiere issue that will launch this coming spring, and also for future projects or issues. Here’s what he said to me:

“Specifically what I need for the first issue is someone with a knowledge of Northern Mexico, or someone who is headed there for another assignment and would like to do this on the side. As this is going to be aimed at a 18-35 audience, I am looking for someone in that age bracket (or someone who can write convincingly like he was 18-35.) The pay is obviously negotiable depending on the specifics.”

Brett says the message of the magazine is to encourage people to go out and explore and have fun traveling while they can still enjoy it.

If you fancy yourself a young and witty writer with an irreverant tone in your writing, then give him a shout. bnovick@go-zine.com

More content guidelines follow.





Theme of Issue
Each issue will feature a theme bringing together all of the features
-seasonal (fall, escaping winter issue, post college years spring break)
-travel mishaps
-romance on the road
-the best? / the craziest?
-road trip issue

Epic journey: probably the longest feature in magazine. The ?epic journey? should be a first person narrative of a specific trip or time spent overseas. Content will be more narrative than descriptive.

Internet site(s) featured: A short section in which to look at specific web sites. For example, the best place to book a car or a hotel.

Away from home column: Written by someone who either travels full time (preferable) or someone who lives overseas. The column should describe the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of being in a new place for an extended period of time. Ideally, the section will share the experience of one individual in narrative form followed by a shorter ?how-to? piece about the practical side of how to do something similar.

Ghetto travel column: A column dedicated to the ins and outs of low budget travel, such as how to eat free/cheap, where to stay, etc. In short, how to get the most out being somewhere with no money.

Regional Destination: The stuff found in regular travel mags, but hopefully written in a sharper more creative manner. Each issue will focus on one particular locale highlighting the areas attractions and reasons to visit. The following two sections will be included in the ?Regional? section.

Food destination: In each issue feature one ?Food Destination? such as a specific market, restaurant, or signature dish of a city or region.

Lodging Destination: Feature a particularly exceptional hotel or hostel