My website works, it really works!

Yesterday was pretty cool. My two biggest unrequited crushes of all time contacted me because they found my website. One from high school, the other from college. One emailed me after finding, and the second showed up at Distant Lands when I was selling them some books. He found out about my LA “signing” from the website, too.

And here's where being 32 comes into play. The heartpounding is considerably different. I’ve remained friends with both of them in the once every couple of years, how are your kids kind of way. In the way that I can be complelety excited to hear from them, but it’s not, “oh my gosh I just TALKED to HIM…”

Now it’s more like…(We’ll call the latter one Mike)




“Mike, I’m getting older.”
“Nah, you’re just getting prettier.”

Thanks for making my week, Mike. (If you’re reading the blog.)

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