NGA Photo Reviews are in

In July I posted that National Geographic Adventurer was offering free photo critiques.
Some WR fans gave it a shot, and now we can say congratulations to Andrea Johnson for having her picture chosen. NGA chose three photos out of hundreds, and had their photo editors give their critique.

Exposed: The Inaugural Reader Photo Critique

The critique of Andrea’s photo




We can give Andrea another big congrats because she was also the winner of the Book Passage Travel Writers and Photogrpahers Conference photo competition. I wasn’t there, but heard about it later. Maybe Andrea can chime in on the comments board and tell us about the photo that won and what she got. It was the second award she’d won in under two weeks. The previous award was for $800!

It’s great to see her building her photo career. Hire Andrea now, or follow along as her portfolio builds at Andrea Johnson Photography.