The BraMobile Gets a New Strap

OK, I'm just going to say bugger off to all the naysayers. Thanks for the advice, Larry. The poor baby is in the shop and due to get a new alternator tomorrow. That will atleast get it started and able to drive out of the garage. Mike the mechanic will take a look at the rest and if I’m good at being a nice litler begger, he’ll have it checked out and as good as it gets by early afternoon. Then I can come back in to the city and get the stickers put on.

I want to get to Ashland by tomorrow night. Speaking of Ashland, Bloomsbury Books called today because they want to do an event with me next Friday and will scramble to get it listed in the paper.




And naturally in the time it took me to type this much, Mike called and said that we missed the cut off to order the part. Now he might not be able to work on it until Thursday which will mean that I’ll have to get on the Dog.

Didn’t I say I’d never do that again? Or maybe I wanted to say it but didn’t because I knew I would. Believe me, riding Greyhound is no good if I’m supposed to be clean, professional, funny and charming on the other end. We’ve loosely decided that the only way this tour is going to happen is if we get this car to work. It’s not worth it to us without it, and I can’t afford to just fly to the events. That’s me, not TT. If they only want to fly me to a few events, I won’t want to because I’ll be needing to get a job till November. And trust me, I won’t want to get one around here. I’m so ready to leave SF it’s not even funny.