Waiting for AAA

I'm waiting for the tow truck. Now that the holiday is over with I can get the car into the mechanic. I've been referred to Gomez Automotive as being an honest local shop. And yes, after talking to him this morning he sounds like I can trust him. He doesn’t pull any punches and has already told me that based on the specs of the car, it doesn't sound reliable for the trip.

My grandfather called this morning on behalf of him AND my dad and gave me an earful ordering me not to go on the trip with this car. I told him that I had heard his opinion but still needed to get it into a shop and have someone look over it thoroughly before we can make that decision.

The family that I’m staying with, coincidentally a college roommate of James and Larry, has seen the car and says the same thing.




I guess I won’t be trying to book any more events today. Not until we see if we are going to muster the funds to continue on, or scrap the second half of the tour.
It would be a shame because Maryland and Atlanta event coordinators are so excited.

That’s the hap. If you know of any good car rental outfits that give a good monthly rate, please pass them on. I’m currently doing research for a Plan B and just trying to find out more facts so that I can see if they fit within our parameters.