A Day of Looks

Nashville, TN to Roanoke, VA was a gorgeous drive. I was pretty tired, but couldn’t get enough of the red barns and rolling green country side. I’ll spare you the cliche adjectives, but it was a pleasant ride.

The bramobile got lots of looks, too. And so did I.

1)My first honk was from a trucker with faded mudflaps that read:
“Show us your hooters.” His second sticker said, “Don’t get mad, get naked”




2)A guy in a red pick up must’ve thought I was an adult store on wheels because he put on his most sleazy come on look and made a kissy face. I sped up.

3)I stopped picking my nose as a grey four door sedan started to pass me on the left. It contained four white haired seventy-year olds.The woman in the front seat had been looking at my car and threw up her right hand in an exasperated “I don’t know” fashion as they hurried past me.

4)Then there was a different car with a similar elderly membership. In this car the woman in the back seat had a big ole smile on her face and I waved at her as they passed.

5)The best of all was a silver van that passed me quickly, then slowed down so I could pass them. That means that they saw both signs. I wasn’t looking to see who was in the car, but after I was ahead of them and in the slow lane, I doop-de-doohed taking in the sights. After putting my iced tea back in the holder I realized that they’d been on my left for a while waiting for me to notice them. When I saw them they were leaning over towards me with an enthusiastic but not groping thumbs up. They seemed genuinely supportive, but who cares, they were a bunch of hunky military boys with nearly shaved heads. I smiled and waved before they sped on. The back of their van said Official Government Use only. I was going to follow them for a while, but they soon turned at the next rest stop. I had to decide in a split second if I was going to go follow them, but ended up staying the course.