I Need Some Help

I'm just leaving a good rest outside of Nashville, TN. I have a long day of driving and then I'll be shelving all embarrassment brain nodes and spreading the Sand-word stealth style in DC at the National Bookfest. That night I have a dinner with the National Association of Asian American Professionals-DC Chapter. The next day I have an event at The Passenger Stop.

After that the events are sparse. If you have an extra hour and can Google me up some women’s clubs, Bookstores, travel group, or any other gathering of people that might want to hear me read, get the book signed, or talk about travel, that’d be great. Radio stations would be lovely too.

Here are a few cities that I’m hoping to get to, but if you come up with something else within a few hundred miles, I’ll go:
Cincinnati, OH
Milwaukee, WI
Kalamazoo, MI
St. Paul, MN




I already have:
Loveland, OH
Chicago, IL
Madison, WI
Memphis, TN
Atlanta, GA

HUGE thanks for anything you can pass my way. Even if it’s just a name and a phone number I can try to get something going.