It’s Blitz Time!

I'm in the final stretch of the tour, and only have three events scheduled. So, this weekend I made more flyers and put togther some covers/mkg blurbs to pass out at the many schools that are here in and around Chicago.

I'm at Kinko’s now and yesterday I made a SIMB t-shirt. It has the clover blown up on the front of a white tee, and on the back in pink letters it says “the funniest book this year.” is beneath it in the same pink.




I’ll wear it as I pass out these flyers. Today I’m headed up towards the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay. Tomorrow I’ll hit Milwaukee. I want to be back in Chicago to see the Cubs win the National title, and then it’ll be back over to Madison for Wednesday’s event.

I’m missing the Bootboyz big time right now. They are the flyer experts and are not only ready to help, but give great encouragement to keep going when it feel like the energy is gone. Sean is being ultra supportive by phone and just offered to wake up early with me on Wed if I came back to Chicago for the game Tuesday night. That way I’ll be able to do it all…the game AND getting to Madison in time for a radio interview. Yep, he’s coming out to be a part of Cubs history and I can’t wait.

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