Return to Memphis

Memphis was so great the last time around, I came back. Royal Stewart and Hugh Hollowell of Midtown Books on Madison were so good to me how could I not return? Seriously, it felt like we were instant friends the first time I met them some 3,000 miles ago.

Hugh sponsored a party for the second round and we had another reading. This time it was complete with a keg of beer, a dj, and a comedian. I braved the second thing I said I wouldn’t do — read Ellen Degeneres’s story, “The Plane Truth.” Boy was I glad I did, because the audience was howling. We had 35 people throughout the night, and sold more books.




There was talk of Tunica, and some of Hugh’s friends went. But his wife wouldn’t give him a kitchen pass and I was too tired from driving all day. (And more or less from the whole trip as it has finally caught up with me). Can you believe I said that? Too tired to drive a half an hour and play craps?! Especially when I won $350 the last time.

Anyway, now I’m preparing for the class. I’ll be teaching a How to Break into Travel Writing class at Midtown today. They’ve presold 10 tickets with two more people interested from last night. We’ll see how we go. I’m confident that they’ll get their $40 worth in the market leads, submission guidelines, and brain dump I’ve got planned. It’s really a fair price.

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