This Morning is Slightly Different

I start my mornings with The Rising by Bruce Springsteen. It's a great get up and begin your day right, album. It's my check in with my own personal faith. I get such a feeling of empowerment after listening to it, and end ready to do anything.

But the ten second rule is still on. I’ve been listening to it for more than a week now, and only this week on my way to Oxford, Mississippi did I realize that one particular song, “Into the Fire,” is about the firefighters and heroes that gave their lives in the World Trade Center.

And when I understood the lyrics, I was so moved, wet facial things started to happen.

The sky was falling and streaked with blood
I heard you calling me, then you disappeared into the dust
Up the stairs, into the fire
Up the stairs, into the fire
I need your kiss, but love and duty called you someplace higher
Somewhere up the stairs, into the fire




May your strength give us strength
May your faith give us faith
May your hope give us hope
May your love give us love

Now I’m asking myself, what am I doing? How can I be doing so little with my life? Giving such small amounts. Why are my dreams so self involved? These lyrics just blow me away and I remember being moved to tears at Pac Bell Park when we first got to our seats and I saw the passion in his face as he was singing The Promised Land.

Yes, all this driving time has me turned into the complete mushball. After I am done getting up for my day with Bruce, I spend an hour learning French by cd.

Today, I’m starting my morning with some dice at Sam’s Town in Tunica. I couldn’t resist a dabble. And then, before I get back into the car to listen to The Rising, I’m going to see if I have a cd with Badlands. This song has a lot to say, and I need to live with this much soul. Hey Sean, you there? This was the song at the concert that I wanted to give you the words to. I thought you’d love it.

People have been amazed that I’m doing this trip alone, especially for the driving part. Pishaw I say, the driving is the easiest part. I’ve got tonnes of time to think about how I can be a better person. Now you’ve got a slice of it.