The Realities of Writing

Sometimes the story has to keep cooking.

Last week I was working on my article for BREAK, the magazine for STA Travel. Earlier in the week I had done the research, but it was time to write my rough draft. The first night, it just wasn’t coming so I had a drink and relaxed with my friend. The second day I tried, I looked at the research and even avoided going to the movies with a friend so I could work on the assignment. Still nothing, but I felt rather grown up and responsible for not going out.

Then, on the third morning the writing came like a slot machine pay out. Smoothly, steadily. Yesterday, I turned it in. I’m hoping that I’ll hear back about whether or not I’m on track.

I didn’t beat myself up for the delay because one, I was still ahead of schedule. And two, it’s been worse in previous years. I love what Anne Lamott says on page six of Bird by Bird.




Amazon is so cool they let you read excerpts from the book. All you have to do is search the keywords “Up at the ceiling” and you’ll get to page six.

This passage is one of my favorite parts in the book. Here she talks about the the distractions that we seem to encounter as writers . But no, these things are still part of the creative process.

Begin reading 1/3 of the way down with the paragraph “‘But how?’ my students ask. ‘How do you actually do it?'”

Now, ain’t that the truth?!