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Bus Crashes in Belgium Near French Border; 11 Dead

I seriously doubt that anyone I know reads the news this closely, but just in case I'm fine and working away. It's 11pm and I’m all over the web looking for stuff for my Hotel Chatter work. I found this on the AP Breaking news. Which I found on the Drudge Report. Late night surfing…it’s quite safe.

Tomorrow we’re going out for the day. Not sure where, the south of Belgium or over to Germany. Jacob says Judy is impressed with my “can do” attitude. I told him it’s new. I’m impressed, too. This is probably the least lazy, or least taken-care-of, this princess has ever been in her life. A far cry from my relaxed and happy mode that I had in Oz.




So am I happy? Well, I don’t remember the sound of my own laugh and I don’t smile a whole lot either. Is that the European way? Or am I just conserving my facial expressions for single men in a futile attempt to postpone the onslaught of my 20-taloned crows feet. Hmmm..

I’m being productive and that provides a strong contentment. It’s good enough for what I’m trying to accomplish. Good grief this post took a random turn. That means it’s time for a beer and bed. Seeya.