Happy Holidays!

Big thanks to everybody who reads WrittenRoad.com, has supported the Sand In My Bra cause this year, and sends their well wishes whether I’ve met you in person or not. Here is the email I sent to my friends, and I’d like to send the same warm greetings to you.

December 25, 2003
Waterloo, Belgium

Jueaux Noel!

Dear Friends,
May the new year bring all the love and laughter you
can handle¬óby March. And may you spend the rest of the
year exceeding your dreams and expectations in ways
that you never thought were possible.

I’m thinking of you from Belgium, and doing as much as
I can to make this blessing come true on my end.

Happy Holidays and a toast to a bright 2004,
Jen Leo

Until the next time we meet, here are some tidbits
from my past two weeks:




Number of:

Different Belgium Beers consumed: 7
Days that it’s snowed: 2
Times I’ve had Mexican food: 1
Belgians that I’ve talked to: 1
Expats that I’ve talked to: 8
Other foreigners I’ve talked to: 4
Chocolatiers that welcomed me with champagne: 1
(Pierre Marcolini)
Scoops of ice cream consumed: 2.25
Times I’ve ridden the train: 4
Times I’ve ridden the bus: 4
Belgian towns visited: 5
Pages I’ve read in my book: 175
Times I’ve tried and loved fondue: 1
Postcards written: 4
Letters written: 1
Percentage of time spent talking v. listening 20%
Emails I need to reply to: 10+
Blog posts I’ve written: 14(WrittenRoad.com), 7

1) Me, windblown on the Grand Place in Brussels

2) Le Mannequin Pis ready for Christmas

3) Kids doing holiday shopping in Brussels

4) My room with snow on the trees outside

5) A cheese shop in Leuven

6) Leuven market

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