Rolf, DATW, and MSN Slate

I love World Hum. While I was in San Diego I met with Jim Benning and we were talking about both needing to blog about Rolf’s upcoming Slate piece. Well, I wasn’t sure exactly when it was coming out, and with Rolf’s limited satellite email use, I was able to find it first on WH. Good one Jim! Here it is for WR fans:

Virgin Trail:Travels in the Other Central America

So yes, if you hadn’t heard, Rolf Potts is the travel writer for the Drive Around the World expedition. It is a large effort to raise money for Parkinson’s disease. You can read all about it on their journal/blog. They start each entry off with a picture, and that is usually my favorite part. For me it is the quickest way to get right into it. And knowing that downloading, resizing, and uploading pictures takes extra effort when blogging — I really appreciate it.

I can hardly believe it’s been a month and a half for them! I was able to see them off when they left Los Gatos, and I’ve yet to upload those pics here. The team is knowledgable, enthusiastic, and their dedication to this mission is inspiring. Rolf will be with them until they reach Tierra del Fuego, at least.




I met Justin when I saw Rolf in Los Angeles in September. Naturally I took immediate interest in this adventure. They offered me the opportunity to do the Australia and SEA part of the trip. At first I turned it down thinking I needed to get settled sooner rather than later, but after meeting them I wasn’t sure it was the best decision. I’ve started doing some research on the Gun Barrel Highway, but it’s going to take a big gig to get me to go. Each participant is required to pay $1100 per month because it is a fundraiser. They all did, so I have to, too. Plus the plane fare there and back. So, I’m looking at needing $3000 worth of sponsorships or assignments just for a month. I’m still thinking about it.

Everytime I tell people about what they’re doing they think it’s the coolest thing. Guess what? You can do it, too. They have a program called “Take Me With You.” Yes, you can go with them for up to two weeks. Read all about how to apply right here.

I just finished reading two days worth of Rolf’s Slate article. There will be a new one each day this week. He describes the towns as well as getting a haircut, and I love the self deprecating bits about his limitations with Spanish.

So, hats off to the DATW crew! I know making good time has been a thorn for you. With that in mind, I was pleased to hear that you’re getting a break. Now, can you fix those comment buttons so we can respond to your entries and cheer you on? I also want to know what it’s like to be eating at Denny’s when there must be so much great local food around. Or is the bumper dumper just not up to the side affects that come with eating from taco stands?